Joshua’s Mission is a support organization for Injured Marines and their families

Wounded in Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom-Iraq RECOVER and REBUILD their lives. We’ll help their families and the Marine adjust to a new way of life by providing financial assistance to their family while the Marine is in the hospital recovering.

Assistance can be in the form of hotel, food; travel discounts. There will also be set amounts of money disbursed according to the need to offset and or pay for expenses that discounts cannot.

Referral to services Joshua’s Mission does not provide at this time or at all (see Links Page for some of those organizations currently listed). More will be added.

Personal hospital visits by Joshua’s Mission personnel to represent and show America’s appreciation to the wounded Marine(s) to say Thank You in person.

Personal care items, reading and entertainment items and clothes to wear while recovering will be given to the injured Marine while he/she is in the hospital.

We realize that we cannot anticipate all of the needs that the injured Marine and their family may have and we understand that as we begin meeting Marines and their families they may ask for help we are not currently providing. ¬†As that happens we’ll do our best to make provisions for their requests.
Joshua’s Mission, Inc. is a needs driven organization, we’re not going to do just what we want to do, however we will be limited for a time in funds and volunteers, so, as Joshua’s Mission grows and we have more funds and volunteers we will be able to do more, and we will.

We also are willing to cooperate with other organizations whose work and vision aligns with ours. We will be VERY careful of which groups we link up with.
Joshua’s Mission is an IRS certified 501 c(3) Non Profit organization located in the State of Georgia. All donations are tax deductible

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