Reintegration, Transition, PTSD and TBI

Joshua’s Mission is offering FREE of CHARGE to all OIF and OEF  Active Duty,  National Guards,  Reserves,   Veterans and Families,  transition/reintegration support services. 

Just fill out the CONTACT PAGE of this site, send it and we will be  back in touch with you by the end of the day your message is received.     

All information and correspondence will be private,   never shared.

I want to help you reenter civilian life, and understand you have been living a very different life during   the time you have been in service or are a Veteran.  I also understand that for National Guards and Reserves, there isn’t as much support for you as there may be for Active Duty. 

I am here to work with you.

Civilians are a strange group of people to you since you have lived or are living a more structured life, facing things most civilians will not face.        I understand and want to help you.


Blessed and Healing Day


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